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    I have 2 asp pages and modal dialog. They are in the order of asp page, modal, asppage. I need to pass a variable from the first to the 3rd and i need to pass a variable from the model or 2nd to the third. The 3rd page needs to read both variables. I have figured out that I pass the variable from the 1st page to the modal and get the 1st variable and the 2nd variable and pass it to the third. My only problem is that I need the modaldialog to close and the 3rd page to open in the first window. Any suggestions?

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    Asp1 opens the modal page, so when the modal page is closed it returns the value to Asp1. Stick this value in a hidden form field on Asp1 (the first value can also be in a hidden field) and then submit Asp1 to Asp3.

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