hwo to obtain text values in combo boxes

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Thread: hwo to obtain text values in combo boxes

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    &nbsp;<BR>I know this is simple, but not easy to research on the internet.<BR>so please, if someone can get me the syntax, I would appreciate it.<BR><BR>I have a combo box - &#060;option value = ID#&#062; "some text"<BR>doing this:<BR>cbo.value - get me the ID number.<BR><BR>How can I get the actual text that the user selected??<BR><BR>bev<BR>

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    You could in ASP.NET, but not in ASP. Instead, you may have to change the value for the options to be a concatenation of ID and the text you&#039;re displaying. Then, you would of course have to parse the value back out to get the ID and other field value, but it would work. If you decide to do that, use a character like * as a separator between the fields.

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    Default A gentle suggestion...

    These are not advanced questions.<BR><BR>They are pretty fundamental questions about the nature of HTML and JavaScript.<BR><BR>Might I suggest they belong in either the ASP Q&A forum or the JScript forum, rather than here?<BR><BR>

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