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    I have begun studying asp.net recently, and it seems to have a number of characteristics that would be worth the trouble of upgrading to. but at the same time, a microsoft-hater that i know told me about a month ago that there were over 180 documented problems with asp.net that make asp.net an unreliable technology. i did not probe what this person meant because he is one of those vitriolic microsoft-haters that we all know. but yet, i am all for waiting to upgrade until a product has matured to the point where the bugs are gone. and if there were 180 known major bugs in asp.net a month ago, then perhaps it will take them another 6 months to get rid of them. and perhaps i should wait until then to start upgrading my applications<BR><BR>can anyone give me a balanced analysis of what problems i can expect if i upgrade my sites to asp.net? or perhaps point me to a particularly unbiased and clinical article that is free of the vitriolic "pro-microsoft" or "anti-microsoft" propaganda? i want to upgrade as soon as it is right to do so, but the last thing i want to do is have someone who pays me money to develop an application for them be disappointed in me because asp.net still has a bunch of quirks that i did not anticipate.<BR><BR>what&#039;s the non-biased scoop?

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    Well, considering they&#039;re still releasing service updates to Windows 2000, VS 6 had 5 service packs, etc etc etc<BR><BR><BR>Always gonna be bugs. I would imagine you&#039;re somewhat safe now...

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    Default And the boards...

    At http://www.asp.net/ have a forum for hotfixes...If you want to go look at some of the things that they have found so far.<BR><BR>One as-of-yet unresolved bug that I know of is that ASP.Net only runs on 31 processor machines or less. It falls over on 32 proc boxes. They&#039;re working on that.

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