What am missing in the Sub AddToOrder? When I pass a text value to productCode, it breaks the code. I have the Access DB set for text input? Any suggestions? <BR><BR><BR>Sub AddToOrder(nOrderID, nProductID, nQuant, nInstall, nProductCode)<BR> sqlText = "INSERT INTO itemsOrdered " _<BR> & " (orderID, productID, quantity, installationtype, productCode) values " _ <BR> & " ("&nOrderID&", "&nProductID&", "&nQuant&", "&nInstall&", "&nProductCode&")"<BR> Conn.Execute(sqlText)<BR><BR> End Sub<BR> <BR> <BR> &#039;Main program <BR> intProdID = Request.form("intProdID")<BR> intQuant = Request.form("intQuant")<BR> strInstall = Request.form("strInstall")<BR> strProductCode = Request.form("strProductCode")<BR> <BR> <BR><BR> set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR> Conn.Open ConString<BR><BR> intOrderID = cstr(Session("orderID"))<BR> if intOrderID = "" then<BR> CreateNewOrder<BR> end if<BR><BR> sqlText = "SELECT * FROM itemsOrdered WHERE orderID =" & intOrderID & "AND productID =" & intProdID<BR> set rsOrder = Conn.Execute(sqlText)<BR> <BR> if rsOrder.EOF then<BR> txtInfo = "This item has been added to your order." <BR> AddToOrder intOrderID, intProdID, intQuant, strInstall, strProductCode<BR> response.redirect "reviewOrder.asp" <BR> else<BR> txtInfo = "This item is already in your cart. "<BR> <BR> end if<BR>