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    I&#039;ve been tasked with restructuring an intranet (10&#039;000 pages+), currently the intranet uses a three frame layout, top frame for corporate header (logo etc.), left frame for navigation and main frame for content. The plan is to scrap the frame layout but retain a standard navigation and corporate header across all pages. The question is how best to achieve this using ASP bearing in mind that the content providers (About 10 of them) are not technically minded.<BR><BR>Option 1.<BR>Create a wizard for content providers, the wizard would generate an ASP page which has include statements for the navigation and corporate banner. The content providers then simply enter their content.<BR><BR>Lots of benefits, however I&#039;ll end up with 10&#039;000 + pages with include statements hard coded, would be a nightmare to update. The search engine also catalogues the navigation info, this will effect search results.<BR><BR>Option 2.<BR>Create a "master" page containing navigation, logo etc. and then dynamically include other pages within this. For example, URL http://intranet/master.asp?page=test.asp, master.asp would then server.execute request.querystring("page").<BR><BR>This seems feasible but would require an upgrade of several servers to Windows 2000 (IIS 5) which would take a long time due to red tape.<BR><BR>Any thoughts ?, is there a better way ?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>

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    Store you content in a DB, then have a mater page that does your menu&#039;s and headers, and includes the content area from a field in a DB table, so you nave would look like<BR><BR>navigation.asp?PageID=1056<BR><BR><BR> HTH.<BR>D

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