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    I have been inserting a date into my Access Database, using both now() and Date(), which works fine from my local machine, but when I do it to the hosting companies server, I'll insert date(), then when I GET that date from the database it turns it around. EG. I insert date() - which response.writes as 19/07/02, then when I response.write FROM the database, I get 07/19/02 - which when using dateDiff produces problems, as 10 July 02 gets turned into 7 October 02. Any clues??

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    Default Access *ONLY* understands...

    ...USA format dates, when you use the #10/7/2002#, that *WILL* be seen as October 7th, period.<BR><BR>See the ASPFAQs, category "Dates and Times" for an explanation of how dates and times are passed from DB to ASP and back.<BR><BR>And see also an article on universal date format at 4GuysFromRolla, written back in February this year.<BR><BR>Note that a date of #19/7/2002# is the exception: Because there is no month number 19, Access (well, actually COM) figures out that you meant that to be the day and then assumes that the next part is the month. But #10/7/2002#? Sorry, always October 7.<BR><BR>Finally, the form that the date is *displayed* in has *NOTHING WHATSOEVER* to do with how it is stored in the DB (or even in the computer memory in VBS). So go read that FAQ.<BR><BR>

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