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    I have two survey databases, surveydb1 is the exact same as surveydb2 except that surveydb2 has extra respondents and responses.<BR><BR>I need to import all of the responses and respondents from surveydb1 INTO surveydb2, however, minor problem and I&#039;m not a DBA so any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>surveydb2 responses has a relationship with respondents, as does surveydb1. when i import all of the respondents and responses from the 1st db into the 2nd i need to increment the unique ID of each table so that there is no conflict since right now they all have the same ID&#039;s in the 2 seperate DBs.<BR><BR>Did that make any sense? So question is, how do I go about importing the data from db1 into db2 while making sure that the ID&#039;s are incremented in each table as they are imported into the corresponding db2 table while also maintaining the appropriate relationships?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    I would write a script that opened the 2nd database, read in the values, and stored it into the 1st. Which will get a new auto id for you to use in your script so that the responces etc align to the new entries. <BR><BR>Unfortunatly it isn&#039;t so simple when you have auto increment fields. One of their down falls.

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