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    I have been struggling with this issue for quite some time now and I<BR>cannot seem to find the answer. My quesiton is this: I have an<BR>asp:listbox control that Is full of info from a database. I have<BR>another asp:listbox that is empty. In order to speed the submission<BR>process of the form, I have included Javascript on the page that allows<BR>visitors to add Items to the empty listbox by double clicking on an item<BR>in the full listbox. - This works fine and dandy. However, when I try<BR>to read the items added to the empty box with my ASP.NET code, it looks<BR>as though the box is empty.<BR><BR>I have been getting around this by moving items to a hidden text box and<BR>using tags to identify each item, then when I try to recover the<BR>information from the listbox, I instead read from the hidden text box. <BR>However this is pain in the butt and leaves more room for errors. I<BR>would like to avoid this step if possible and just read from the listbox<BR>directly. Does ASP.NET allow me to do this since I am using Javascript<BR>to add items to the box?? If so, how can I do this?<BR><BR>Thanks for your time.<BR>

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    Default Try the ASP.NET forum <eop>


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