Currently IBM-Detroit is staffing aggressively for their intra/internet groups. These opportunities are full time/permanent positions for experienced professionals with IBM. If you find that your skills qualify or you have friends or colleagues that have intra/internet development skills please contact us for an immediate telephone screen. Thank you for your time and consideration.<BR><BR>Technical skills for the career:<BR><BR>1)At least one year work experience ASP, Visual Interdev, MS SQL Server, VBscript, JavaScript and HTML.<BR><BR>Other immediate openings include:<BR>Lead Oracle Developers<BR>Data Warehouse Specialists<BR>The project is located in Dearborn, Michigan near Ford&#039s Detroit Headquarters. The technology campus, known as the Accelerated Solutions Center, houses IBM/Ford teams working on application projects in areas such as manufacturing, distribution, product development & finance. Projects are managed under "JAD/RAD" methodologies and are very team focused. End-users work hand-in-hand on the same team with application developers allowing for ideas to be automatically developed into code. Each project is "time-boxed" and full efforts are dedicated to its completion before the team goes on to the next assignment.<BR><BR>Examples of the projects being completed include:<BR>*an intranet accessible competitive-analysis database, which coordinates analysis of competitor&#039s vehicles and helps reduce duplication of effort while making the results widely available<BR>*a web-based configuration system, allowing salespeople at the local dealerships to directly place their orders into Ford manufacturing, reducing the time to deliver a custom vehicle from 4-6 weeks to 15 days.<BR><BR>Applications are expected to be delivered at least 30% faster by IBM in 2001 than Ford was able to do in 1998, with productivity goals being set higher each year. The ultimate goal is to cut delivery time 50% sometime after 2001.<BR><BR>Location- Dearborn, MI (a new building has been constructed for this project as of 10/99)<BR>Project Duration- IBM is asking for a 2-3 year commitment on this project. After that you will be allowed to explore other IBM projects.<BR><BR>***We will be holding interviews on 2/23 for serious qualified candidates. Decisions will be made immediately and the candidates will receive notice in 10-15 business days, and start dates will be scheduled for March of 2000. Travel assistance will be provided.<BR><BR>*All work must be on site in Dearborn. <BR>*Sponsoring candidates is an option. <BR>*All hires must be permanent employees<BR>*Candidates must be currently in the U.S. <BR><BR>Matt Goodrich<BR>