Design-Time Controls look great, but is this version ready to use? In my first attempts at use I&#039m running into lots of questions whose answers I can&#039t find documented. I don&#039t mind doing research or paying an expert to mentor me, but am I wasting my time trying to use these tools?<BR><BR>For example, I created a simple form based on the DEntry. The page could be "demoed" as working, but I ran into these problems:<BR><BR>1. Don&#039t know how to display a disabled identity column with FormManager. First attempt results in error on insert.<BR><BR>2. Don&#039t know how to initialize bound ListBox for insert. (Tried listbox.SelectByText() w/o success.)<BR><BR>3. Disabled check box loses binding when move from Browse to Edit. (Found solution via search which found Paul Litwin posting in forum microsoft.public.vinterdev.beta98 under thread "Bug in FormManager and CheckBox xtl (Gold)".<BR>