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    Ashutosh Maheshwari Guest

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    All the books and tutorials on ASPs use VB scripts extensively. Is the usage of VB script advisable in ASP considering its incompatibility with Netscape<BR><BR>Please can anyone explain me the meaning of VB script function UBOUND<BR><BR>Tx<BR>mail me at ash@mypad.com

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    keithadler@hotmail.com Guest

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    VBScript is the server-side scripting language of choice. Remember, the user is never aware of the server-side script that generates their page. Because server-script is executed on the server (hence the name) it doesn&#039t matter what language is used as long as it is supported by the server itself.<BR><BR>UBound is a function used to determine the largest position of and array. E.g. If I created an array using Dim aryPeople(10) then UBound(aryPeople) would return 100. In the case of Dim aryPeople(10,5) UBound(aryPeople,2) would return 5. See this link for more information: http://msdn.microsoft.com/scripting/vbscript/doc/vsfctUBound.htm

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