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    Troy Guest

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    I am going to get my site hosted by a company that provides SQL. They told me I need to get a client side software so I will have an interface with remote SQL databases. Does anyone know what software I can use, preferably cheap. If you have any suggestions please throw them out. Thanks!!!!

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    Rich Pena Guest

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    Notepad Buddy is the cheapest. If you want a more powerful tool use Visual InterDev. Please check out http://msdn.microsoft.com/Vstudio/default.asp You can buy this <BR>for about 90 bucks US Dollars. Also Frontpage will work is this free? I am not sure. Test platform use PWS, or something better try to setup a web server at home. Great Testing!!! Homesite works good for ASP and SQL pro-jamming!!!<BR>

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    Troy Guest

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    Thanks for the reply. I already have visual interdev, but I think they are talking about a program to actually view the database information. He gave me an example a name of stome software, DBArtisan, but I am trying to find something cheaper.<BR><BR>

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    Yeah, notepad or that other stuff won&#039t actually let you manipulate the database in a visual sense. I think you could probably download an evaluation copy of SQL 7.0 and use the Enterprise Manager to accomplish this. Also, Access 2000 will let you connect to a SQL 7.0 database and do just about anything you&#039d need to. If you already own Visual Interdev though, i&#039m pretty sure it will let you connect to a remote SQL database, i&#039m almost certain i did that a few months ago at a friend&#039s house.

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