All,<BR><BR>I&#039;m *REALLY* new to this whole .asp pages into a database thingy, so bear with me. <BR><BR>I have an Access 2000 database working with Dreamweaver UD. I&#039;ve created some simple search/update and insert pages that I&#039;m happy with. <BR><BR>Once I had them working, I decided to muck them up a bit. My database has several fields that have list/combo boxes in them. The data in the fields is validated against that list (you can&#039;t enter anything into the field that doesn&#039;t appear on the list). When I create my .ASP page, I want it to dynamically display these values (stored in Access) and allow the user to select a value (when creating a record) and change the value (to another on the list) when updating a record. <BR>So far, I can&#039;t seem to make UD display the values in Access in a similar format on the ASP page. One associate suggested that I strip the info from the fields in Access and simply use a drop down in the ASP page to insert data into the field. I think that&#039;s kinda backwards. <BR><BR>Ideas? Thoughts?