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    Hi, I am currently studying at college in Glasgow in Scotland and I am having real difficulty with ASP. Could someone please help me with the code which I would need do create an administration login to allow the authorised person to view the details in the database. Could you also please help me with the code for deleting, edit and updating data held in the database.<BR>Could someone PLEASE, PLEASE help me, my E-mail address is, please mail me or reply here so I can send you the code of what I have done. Thank you very very much

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    If you are in school you should work on it a little more on your own. I went to school when there was not this groovy internet and lots of helpful people ready to give you an answer.<BR><BR>My Advice For Admin Logins:<BR>Never have the username and password in the code. Not in the global.asa file or on any pages. You can either pass it as a variable with a form or have it in a table in the Database.<BR><BR>There are many excellent examples of authentication in this site. Dig deeper.<BR><BR>search under "authenticate"<BR><BR>Paul<BR><BR>

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