I have an intranet app that uses frames. In frame1 you enter an id and then frame2 displays information about that id. In frame2 you can add or edit that info by clicking on a button next to the record. The click brings up a modal dialog which the user can make save or cancel the changes that they have made. When the dialog is closed, the page in frame2 saves the data resubmits the page to show the updated data if save was clicked, or just exits the jscript if cancel was clicked. At this time I am trying to get the focus back to frame1 in the textbox where they entered the id. <BR><BR>My attempts have got the box to select the data in the box, but the focus is lost somehow. Any ideas?<BR><BR>Here is a sample of the code from the page in frame2 that trys to set the focus. Any help would be great...<BR><BR> window.parent.frame1.form.txtID.select();<BR> window.parent.frame1.form.txtID.focus();