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    Hi, i have looked all over to find out how to declare an array in using All i found was Dim DateArray(50) as string. How do i do Dim DateArray = ("jan","feb","so forth"). <BR><BR>In java you did this: String months[]= "January","Feburary","March","April","May","June", "July","August","September","October","November"," December"};<BR><BR>How do you do this in

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    Dim DateArray() As String = New String() { "jan","feb","mar" }<BR><BR>Though I hope you aren&#039;t *really* doing that, since there is a function that will convert a month number to a month name.<BR><BR>And this is easy to find in the VB.NET docs:<BR><BR><BR><BR>You might want to read the related pages, too.<BR><BR>

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