Replace function in text email: movenext??

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Thread: Replace function in text email: movenext??

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    I am sending an email to customers confirming what they have purchased. I use a replace function with tags for easier formatting. Every other replace tag only needs have one record displayed, but for the product description I need to have as many records as the customer purchased. I already completed a loop to get all the descriptions, but the code below only displays the last record:<BR><BR>customerEmail = replace(customerEmail,"#DESCRIPTION#",description, 1,-1,1)<BR><BR>How can I get it to show all the descriptions in the text based email I am sending?

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    ...this is kind of a "Programming 101" question.<BR><BR>The basics of how things work.<BR><BR>The replace function replaces *ALL* occurrences of the 2nd arg with the 3rd arg. So why would you expect anything different?<BR><BR>Methinks that you need to redesign your loop(s?). But I can&#039;t guess how, given the total lack of posted code. Mayhap you should post your code, in the ASP Q&A forum?<BR><BR>

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