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    Anybody know of a nice way to trim out the letters in a string. For instance say I have a string that has both letters and numbers in it. I only want the numbers. Thanks

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    Default Lookup Regular Expressions...

    Try searching for Regualr Expressions.. theya re great and you can easily pull out numbers, letters, special charactes, etc.. <BR><BR>I don&#039;t remember the code to pull out numbes off hand, but a search on Google should help you out!

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    This will trim out all non numeric characters. If you want to change what it replaces just change the patter from /D to some other valid regular expression.<BR><BR>Dim regEx : Set regEx = New RegExp<BR>RegEx.Pattern = "/D"<BR>While RegEx.Test(SourceString)<BR> SourceString = regEx.Replace(SourceString, "")<BR>Wend<BR>

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