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    Default Jscript application level array

    How can we create an array of 50 names as<BR>an application level variable in javascript global.asa<BR>and modify it in the application pages.

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    Default I don't think you can...

    A JScript array is *NOT* a SafeArray and thus can&#039;t be saved in a Session or Application variable, which only allows for storage of legit COM objects.<BR><BR>HOWEVER...<BR><BR>You *could* simply do this:<BR><BR>var names = new Array("ann","arnie","babs","bev","bill",....);<BR> ...<BR>Application("allNames") = names.join( "###" );<BR><BR>And then you convert it back to an array as needed:<BR><BR>var theNames = (Application("allNames")).split( "###" );<BR><BR>Hey?<BR><BR>

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