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    Hi! <BR>I am a ASP novice trying to link my ASP page and Databases.<BR>It appears as though everything is connected to ADO&#039s<BR><BR>i am working on PWS on a win98 m/c.<BR>Does anyone know if PWS supports ADO and recordsets ???<BR>If not ,Where can I get the software for ADO?<BR><BR>Can anyone help ASAP??<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>

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    Download the latest MDAC version to 2.1 SP2 ( Visit MDAC PWS will support ADO. You can go direct to OLE DB if you know C++. ADO just makes it possible to connect to OLE DB via your scripting languages or VB or JAVA. Please read this(You must)if not it will be a bumpy Road. <BR><BR>A hint(Help For You)<BR><BR>The ADO Object Model:<BR>1. The Connection Object<BR>2. The Command Object<BR>3. The Recordset<BR><BR>Know about those three Objects within ADO and you&#039ll be OK, for homework tonight. Just think ASP and ADO work together, and even on PWS. Just make sure you install MDAC above.<BR>ADO OLE DB is better than SLOWDBC.<BR><BR>AQP<BR><BR>

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