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Thread: You'd have to be a genius to make ASP run fro

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    Default You'd have to be a genius to make ASP run fro

    I have a client with a product catalog on their site. For simplicities sake, it consists of 1 *.htm product page with 10 product hyperlinks that pass a product ID in the request.querystring to an ASP page called results, which digs into an sql server dB for the product details.<BR><BR>Physically, there are just the 2 pages, but virtually there are 11 pages, product.htm + 10 dynamically built results pages.<BR><BR>My client want&#039;s an automated method of dumping this searchable catalog onto a cd so their clients in Japan can look at with without the cd being dependent on any object libraries or web servers on their desktops.<BR><BR>Obviously ASP cannot run by itself on a cd, but a pile of html pages would only require that the host machine have a browser. The catch here is that of the 11 pages, only 2 exist physically.<BR><BR>Can anyone think of an automated method of simulating all the possible click throughs from the product.htm page and capturing the resultant ASP page source returned to the browser, and then saving it into an *.htm page?<BR><BR>The goal is to end up with a directory of 11 *.htm pages that can be burned to and run from a cd.<BR><BR>Thanks, I&#039;m stumped.<BR><BR>David Nash

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    Default There is a product

    I just seen in the Visual Studio Magazine that allows ASP as a stand alone executable... I don&#039;t remember the name, but maybe a search on Google will turn it up? I&#039;ll look tonight if I remember...<BR><BR>It ain&#039;t free though.

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    Default Hmmm...

    Firstly, let me tell you there is nothing really to automate your stuff since you have just<BR>10 pages to generate. what i mean is you can just run the results page directly thru the browser by sending the querystring parameters like result.asp?x=10 and so on, then save it your self as html.<BR><BR>Secondly, you do have a way to automate this, in the sense programatically using XMLHttp component. It reads the output of any URL you specify and writes on to the browser. in your<BR>case u need to make it to write to a file as well.<BR><BR>But frankly, i don&#039;t see any reason for you to use it.<BR><BR>Sreeni

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