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    I want to know how asp file can be run in backend without disturbing the flow of site.<BR><BR>Means form one page (fist.asp) i have a link to another page (second.asp). In second.asp there is one sub which takes 1.0 min for processing and after that sub the control is passed to third.asp . so i want that file (second.asp) to start processing when user moves on to next page (third.asp). Means second.asp is executing on server but also other file (third.asp)is displayed on client side.<BR>

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    Default !! --- repost --- !!

    You have already asked this Question, and we told you to look at <BR><BR>ASPQmail <BR><BR>from

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    Default It sounds like what you are describing is

    really asynchronous processing. ASP is not traditionally suited for this. <BR><BR>Now if you are expecting the second page to return some results to user when it is finished then you are going to have a problem since they have already moved on to third page.<BR><BR>Now if you want to simply execute something in background that doesn&#039;t return anything (ex. - transferring(FTP) file ). Then you can execute a windows script host file asynchronously using a shell from an ASP page.<BR><BR>With that said, I don&#039;t recommend doing it from an ASP page if possible. If you have things that should happen periodically or scheduled, then don&#039;t do them from an ASP page. Write yourself a windows script host file and simply schedule it using Windows AT scheduler or kick it off manually when you need to.<BR><BR>There are certain things that are not appropriate for an ASP page and you should consider carefully what you are trying to accomplish before doing things like this.<BR><BR>Good luck<BR>Pete<BR><BR>P.S. Imagine someone with too much time on their hands repeatedly posting to your intranet form page using XMLHTTP that incidentally kicks off asynchronous scripts to backup/export your database during your busiest time of day and then emails production support ; )<BR><BR>

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