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    How can i retrieve a date from sql database without time?<BR>I want to retrieve all records from database that have the todays date.<BR>if i say: <BR>select * from table <BR>where date=getdate()<BR><BR>i do not get any records because the comparison is done base on time.<BR>

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    Default one way.....

    &nbsp;<BR>select * from table <BR>where date=(cast(datepart(day, getDate()) as varchar) + &#039;/&#039; + cast(datepart(month, getDate()) as varchar) + &#039;/&#039; + cast(datepart(year, getDate()) as varchar))<BR><BR>is one way of doing it, but there is probably a better way, this should work though!<BR>

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    Default another way

    SELECT * FROM Table WHERE CONVERT(varchar(10),TheDateField,105) = CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),GetDate(),105)<BR><BR>(check BOL for the CONVERT function to see why this works)<BR><BR>and there are more ways to do this... e.g. with the DATEDIFF function.

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