I am trying to use a Regex object to split a string at each space s.<BR>But I do not want it to split at a space if the space between two words is in a quoted part of the string. I am using a regular expression that works fine if there is only one part of the substring quoted. However, if there are more than one quoted substrings then it does not work. <BR> Regex regQuote = new Regex("(\s(?=([^\"]*\"[^\"]*\")*(?![^\"]*\")))");<BR> string[] sWord = regQuote.Split(theString);<BR><BR>The above code will split correctly for this line of code:<BR> "break for & lunch" & time night /5 past %mariner<BR>Results:<BR> "break for & lunch"<BR> &<BR> time<BR> night<BR> /5<BR> past<BR> %mariner<BR><BR>However for this line of code it does not work correctly:<BR> "break for & lunch" & "coming through" time night /5 past %mariner<BR>Results:<BR> "break for & lunch"<BR> &<BR> And "coming through"<BR> And<BR> "coming through"<BR> "coming through"<BR> time<BR> night<BR> /5<BR> past<BR> %mariner<BR>I would sure appreciate any help on splitting at the space character but not if it is encountered inside quotes.<BR><BR>Thank you very much