Hi,<BR>I have stored procedure that returns two "select" results. (old recordsets). The first result I use to populate some parameters. The second result I want to save as a dataset<BR><BR>Public Class Customer<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;Public name as String<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;Public address as string<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;Public accounts as dataset()<BR>End Class<BR><BR>Dim result As SqlDataReader = myCommand.ExecuteReader()<BR>Dim myCust As New Customer()<BR><BR>&#039; Read the resultset<BR>While result.Read()<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;myCust.Company = result("company")<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;myCust.Name = result("name")<BR>End While<BR><BR>result.NextResult()<BR>&#039;how do I populate the accounts dataset with the results of the next select statement????<BR><BR><BR>