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    I have used the same code over and over in alot of my classes I added a new class to an existing component and in this one class I get the same error over and over and have racked my brain trying to figure out how to fix it. I have copied code that works currently into this class from another class, and no matter what when it reaches the line it crashes everytime.<BR>Here is the code:<BR><BR>sql = "SELECT * FROM HelpImage"<BR>Set recordset = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR>MaxPerPage = 15<BR>recordset.CursorLocation = 3<BR>recordset.CacheSize = MaxPerPage<BR>recordset.Open sql, dataconn, 3, 4<BR><BR>dataconn is an open valid connection. I use it in other places in the code just fine.<BR><BR>I usually get one of two errors that mean absolutely nothing to me:<BR><BR>3001 Application-defined or object-defined error <BR>3001 Method &#039;~&#039; of object &#039;~&#039; failed<BR><BR>What&#039;s weird is dataconn.execute(sql) works just fine so I know that my connection is valid. If I try to use or set the activeconnection property of a commandobject I get the same error.<BR><BR>Someone please help me. <BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>

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    Default CROSS POST AND

    you crossposted AFTER you had people helping you in Database Q and A<BR><BR>AND<BR><BR>we spent like an hour answering your question and while you were crossposting I was sending you links to resolving your problem<BR><BR>jerk<BR><BR>have a nice day

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