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    I need to make the security better on my site. How do I make sure that someone doesn&#039t create a &#039dummy&#039 page to link to one of my form pages, allowing them to enter invalid or unsecure data?<BR><BR>For example:<BR><BR>MYPAGE1.ASP is a form with fields MYNAME and MYPASS and links to page MYPAGE2.ASP. How do I make MYPAGE2.ASP make sure that the data is being posted from only MYPAGE1.ASP and not TROJAN.ASP?<BR><BR>Please let me know if there is already an article that discusses this. Thanks for any help.<BR>-- --<BR><BR>

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    Hi,<BR><BR>Why dont you use a cookie. You could get all the information that you collect on MyPage1.asp and store that in a cookie then on page MyPage2 retrieve the data from the cookie. You could even add an extra piece of data that you encrypt and then unencrypt on MyPage2.asp.<BR><BR><BR><BR>This way nothing is passed on the querystring.<BR><BR>Hope this helps !

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    I am trying to minimize my use of cookies. Is there a variable that I can check that indicates the name or URL of the referring page?<BR><BR>This is more what I am looking for.

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