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    Soren Blidorf Guest

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    How can I denie access to a HTML page IF it is not entered from my specific link page. Can you prevent that people can read the sorce of for example read.htm unless you come from for example index.htm

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    You can use ASP to ensure this. You can obtain the URL of the referring HTML page by looking at the Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_REFERRER") server variable.<BR><BR>At: Two Ways to Protect an ASP Page<BR><BR><BR>Joao Vieira demonstrates how to use this HTTP_REFERRER variable to allow page views from only certain domains, or from only particular URLs!

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    Soren Blidorf Guest

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    Maybe I am doing it wrong but it do not work as I want it to.<BR>What I need is a way to denie a user to open a specific htm page unless to come from another specific. The user must be denied if you type in the address and do not come from my link.

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