Error loading page from a Web server.<BR>All pages worked well at the local host, but after uploading to the Web server I have got such message:<BR>‘Could not load type &#039;tower2.WebForm2&#039;<BR>The aspx file is: ‘Search.aspx’<BR><BR>The very first line caused an error:<BR>Line 1: &#060;%@ Page Language="vb" Debug = "true" Codebehind="Search.vb" Inherits="tower2.WebForm2" %&#062;<BR>Line 2: &#060;!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2 //EN"&#062;<BR>Line 3: &#060;HTML&#062;<BR><BR><BR>The class name in the file ‘Search.vb’ named ‘WebForm2’, so it seems that the browser cannot find the class ‘WebForm2’? The beginning of the file Search.vb:<BR><BR>Imports System.Data.OleDb<BR><BR>Public Class WebForm2<BR> Inherits System.Web.UI.Page<BR>…<BR><BR>What should be done to make it work properly?<BR>