Error 3704 while using ASP with Access 97

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Thread: Error 3704 while using ASP with Access 97

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    I&#039;ve been using ASP to add records to an Access 97 file on our ISP&#039;s server from a web form for the last few weeks, and it worked fine for a while. Last week, it suddenly stopped working, generating Error # 3704, "Operation is not allowed when the object is closed" when a user tried to submit the form. Nothing was changed in the ASP code or the html submit form to make this happen. The guy at our ISP also assures me nothing was changed on the server.<BR><BR>The problem was resolved by him using the form on the server itself. For some reason it worked there, and it then worked on any computer after that.<BR><BR>Well, the problem happened again this morning, and was fixed again by having the guy from our ISP submit the form from the server.<BR><BR>A guy from a Microsoft newsgroup thought it could be a hanging ldb file issue, but I don&#039;t know what would cause this to happen or how I could go about fixing it. The form has hundreds of submissions a week, and it seems to just stop working at random times--the first time was after about 700 submissions, the second was after about 200.<BR><BR>Does anyone have any ideas about what the problem could be and how to fix it?<BR><BR>I need to get this problem resolved as quickly as possible, so I&#039;d greatly appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!<BR><BR>-Tim<BR>

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    these on Google:<BR><BR><BR>a sample chapter that discusses your error briefly in a code snippet - take a look at yours and see if they resemble each other<BR><BR>also<BR><BR><BR>but most of the docs out there discuss SQL Server - my bet is theres an issue with your ADO code portions...

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