I have three web controls that I use on some of the pages on my site.<BR><BR>One looks up the three most recent news stories, one looks up the correct XML file to load into a thrird party menu control dependant on the current URL, one looks up a number of stock prices etc<BR><BR>They all look stuff up in the same database.<BR><BR>This means that three connections to the DB are made,<BR><BR>I assume this is wring and that the connection should be shared<BR>The question is how can this be done while still allowing the controls to be stand alone, so they could be used on another site that has access to the DB.<BR><BR>How can I get the benefit of being able to &#039;snap in&#039; these web controls where I please but be able to share connections when there is more than one control on the page which connects to the same DB?<BR><BR>Any ideas?