After transferring my site from one provider to another, they migrated my database and really screwed things up. Just yet another problem is this:<BR><BR>All of my tables with varchar fields were saved with char instead. Now, when a value is saved to the table, it is padded with SPACES to the length of the field. This causes my code to break on comparisons, displays, et cetera. Not to mention the overhead of a char field. Argh!<BR><BR>Questions:<BR>1) Is there a command which can be used in an MS SQL Server stored procedure or VBScript which will update the structure of a table and change the char to varchar?<BR>2) I know how to pull a list of all my tables within my database. I was thinking of looping through all tables, then looping through all the fields, (which I know how to do)... but what command can be used to tell me "this is a char field" so that I can then run the command in #1 above and change the structure to varchar? And how is it used?<BR>3) Once all varchars are in place, I need to then go through every table (using the same aforementioned looping structure, check if the field is varchar, then trim the existing field value to get rid of the existing padded spaces. Is there an update command that can be used that says something like "update table blah set varcharfield = Trim(varcharfield)" which would update the entire table without having to loop through?<BR><BR>My other idea would be to create a "clone" table structure of the existing table, then append the old table into the new table. Create the old table name with the new structure and append the data back into it again. Would require more manual time than generating a loop, but it would work. (wouldn&#039t trim the fields though.)<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>Nannette