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    I&#039m currently working on a web site that has both english and french content. The site is devided into 2 directories of the root. "/en/" and "/fr/". All the files in either directory are essentially a mirror copy, only the language varies. I&#039m trying to create a little script that will allow the user to view a particular page in their desired language. ie. If a user is viewing:<BR><BR><BR><BR>and they want to see that page in french, all they would have to do is click on a button and it would bring them to:<BR><BR><BR><BR>The only changes in that string are the "/en/" and "/fr/".<BR><BR>That&#039s where my problem lays. I can&#039t figure out how to capture the 3 main pieces of the string into individual sections.<BR><BR> - is piece 1<BR>/en/ or /fr/ - is piece 2<BR>about/index.html - is piece 3<BR><BR>If someone could give me some insite as to how using VBScript I can do that kind of manipulation, it would be greatelly appriciated. It seems that VB does not have a lot of functionality for this kind of situation.<BR><BR>John

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    VBScript has lots of string manipulations:<BR>Mid,Instr,Left,Right are just a few.<BR>Check out <BR><BR>To get to the vbscript reference on these & other string functions

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