Let me explain the Scenario. It is about a Login Web Service. <BR> I had written a program(.asmx) in WebServices which calls the database and give a Response whether the user exists or not. Here the Login information is stored in a Database. SO I am calling the Database from the Webservice page.<BR><BR> Now my technical person wants something like this . The Database is Residing somewhere else(i.e in another place like 3 Tier Arch). Now the webservice should call the database and get the response from the database server if the user exists or not. Mainthing is the Database does not want to give the username and Password to a third person. <BR><BR>Can Anyone tell me how to work on this? Can anyone give me a idea of how this work? Please Please help me. PLease advice me how to do this???<BR><BR>Thanks in Advance<BR>Venky