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    hi,<BR>how do i validate a mailid..<BR>and how do i detect a smtp server failure?<BR><BR>kindly help<BR>regards,<BR>mickey

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    Not much you can do about validating that an e-mail exists. The only thing that you can do is validate that the e-mail was entered in a proper format.<BR>- Contains @ character<BR>- Contains . character at least 2 characters AFTER @ character<BR>- Contains at least 2 characters AFTER . character<BR><BR>This can be done using a regular expression - and not a difficult one at that, but I don&#039;t know it offhand (quick Google search should bring it up for you).<BR><BR>As for detecting SMTP failure -- whatever COM object that you use to send the e-mail should return a true/false if it couldn&#039;t send the e-mail. Just query that.<BR>

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