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    I&#039ve designed a call logging system , which basically allows a client to e-mail me with their problem and response. (its a sendmail program) <BR>Its part of a larger call log site that allows us to log calls through a web interface into our database.<BR><BR>on the sendmail.asp page, i want to be able to take one of the form variables and use it to say:<BR><BR>Your call is being dealt with and will be processed (?) <BR><BR>(?) being the form field for repsonse time. with a different phrase depending upon the requested time.<BR><BR>can anyone help me in doing this

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    Case sounds good:<BR><BR>select case request("responsetime")<BR> case "ASAP"<BR> response.write "One day"<BR> case "whenever"<BR> response.write "Two days"<BR>end select<BR>HTH

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