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    Can u please tell me which one is the correct answer for these 2 questions?<BR><BR>Question 1<BR>Do session variables exists for(Scope of session variables) ...<BR>Answer:<BR><BR>a) sessions for a user across different machines?<BR><BR>b) a session for a machine across browser instances?<BR><BR>c) a session for a browser instances?<BR><BR>d) a session for an instance of the web server?<BR><BR>Question2<BR>2)Session variable are stored as:<BR><BR>Answer;<BR>a) cookies on the client<BR><BR>b) cookies on the web server<BR><BR>c) variable values on the browser<BR><BR>d) variable values on the web server.

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    Default I get the feeling this is

    your homework.<BR><BR>I really think you should do your homework yourself....

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    Default b. a.

    What do I win?

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