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    hi,<BR><BR>i am working on a job for a client and they want me to use their existing Access database which has many tables that have spaces in the table names. I know this is bad form but I can not change their database structure for other reasons.<BR><BR>I have tried a simple query such as<BR><BR>sql = "Select * From [Part Number with Description]"<BR>Set rs = conn.Execute(sql)<BR><BR>but the page times out. Anyone have any ideas ? <BR><BR>For what it is worth, there are only 15 records and two columns in the table called Part Number with Description, its not a big table.<BR><BR>I am not sure if it is timing out due to the table problem or other factors. I do not have time out errors on this server normally.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR><BR>MP

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    I just tried this and it worked fine.<BR><BR>&#039;////////////////////// Open Table <BR>Dim rs <BR>SQL = "SELECT * FROM [Table One Two]"<BR>Set rs = objConn.Execute(SQL) <BR>&#039;/////////////////// <BR><BR><BR>It may be something else that&#039;s locking it up.<BR>Just a thought.<BR><BR>&#039;////////////////////// Show contens <BR>While not rs.EOF <BR>response.Write rs("the test") &"&#060;P&#062;" <BR>rs.MoveNext <BR>Wend <BR><BR>Set objConn = Nothing <BR>Set rs = Nothing <BR>&#039;//////////////////////

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