Hello,<BR><BR>I&#039;m looking for comments regarding the development of a web portal in ASP. Due to a lack of willingness in my company to commit to a .NET architecture, I am proposing an architecture that relys heavily on ASP classes, XML, and XSL. Additionally, I am proposing that the application have only one entry point, default.asp. The actions taken by the system will be driven by a set of unique identifiers such as siteid, classId, pageId, and eventId. I have the framework completed for this architecture. It basically consists of an object hierarchy, the top level object exposes common functionality to handle errors, database access, xml handling, session handling, browser detection handling, and site configuration retrieval from the db. Each page that makes up the site will have it&#039;s own ASP class. Each specific ASP class will, on it&#039;s instantiation, instantiate a generic ASP class called "Page". The generic Page class will then handle loading the XSL based on the pageId provided. It also handles the loading of an XML document called "responseTransport.xml". This XML document is where the results of any and all data collection and manipulation will be stored during the execution of each specific pages business logic. So any data pulled back from the database will be manipulated according to the specific business rules of the specific page requested, then the data will be appended to the "responseTransport.xml". When all the business logic and data retrieval is completed, the generic "Page" object&#039;s "Render()" method is called by the specific "Page" class. The Render method simply does a response.write on the result of a transformNode call on the "responseTransport.xml" with the XSL specified by the pageId.<BR><BR>While I am interested in all comments regarding this architecture, I am specifically interested in comments from developers who have brought this type of architecture to production, and any issues and/or drawbacks specific to the architecture that where discovered.<BR><BR>I will check back regularly to answer any questions regarding this post.<BR><BR>Thanks to all who take the time to participate in this discussion.<BR><BR>----<BR>Roy J Davis<BR>Sr. Software Engineer<BR>Dexma Inc.<BR>http://www.dexma.com