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    I use ADO.NET to edit/update/delete something in DataGrid. <BR>User_1 & User_2:<BR><BR>both user are in edit mode of datagrid, and when user_1 edit "item_1" to "item_1_user_1",and hit "update"<BR>and the user_2 edit "item_1" to "item_1_user_2",and hit "update"<BR><BR>then ,in the database will be "item_1_user_1", several minutes later, can changes to "item_1_user_2". but in the several minutes, user_2&#039;a page always shown as "item_1_user_2"<BR><BR>i think all of this is something about cache, or about concurrency.. <BR>but i dont know how to deal with this sort of things~:( <BR><BR>can someone help me?<BR>

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    Are you rebinding after the db has changed? It will cache because of viewstate. You could turn viewstate off, but that gets expensive.

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