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    Hi, I&#039;m designing a site that allows user to add/change database records in a Access database live. BUT (sorry if I&#039;m naive about this) when I want to change the table structure, add some new database fields, etc... <BR>how do I get all the current visitors accessing the database to "go away/trickle away" and then how do I "lock up" the Access database and site pages while I make dbase changes and then "lift the curtain" again for users to use the new/changed site pages with the changed tables in the database???<BR>Thx so much for your responses, <BR>Joe Brillante

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    I think I&#039;d use Application variables.<BR><BR>Have one application variable that is keeping track of the count of active users. Session_onStart bumps the count, Session_onEnd decrements it. You don&#039;t do any "live" editing unless the count is zero.<BR><BR>Have another application variable that says "No more users." Again, in Session_onStart if that variable is set, you don&#039;t allow the user access to the site (or, at least, to the portion of the site that uses the DB).<BR><BR>You don&#039;t have to do this in Session_onStart and Session_onEnd, of course. In fact, Session_onEnd is notorious for having problems, so you might want to devise a variation here anyway. Perhaps keep track, for each user, of the last time he/she utilized a DB page. And when he/she logs out you can remove that entry. Ditto via Session_onEnd. But your fall back is that, if the last utilization was longer than "X" minutes ago, you assume they are done.<BR><BR>In any case, once the Admin takes control, you set a "can&#039;t use DB", no matter what.<BR><BR>

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