Hi<BR><BR>I&#039;m doing the finshing touches on my project and started polishing the navigation in my site. I started putting all these back buttons in my pages to easily move around my site. These back buttons use the following javascript: self.history.back() or self.history.go(-1)<BR><BR>But I get some problems with this method. There are alot of pages that I reuse. For example I have page1.asp and page2.asp that go to page3.asp (forgive me for the lack of originality here). Page3.asp goes to page4.asp which is a form that posts to itself. When page4.asp is done it&#039;s post, it displays a success message and provides a link back to page3.asp. Now when I hit back I want to go to page1.asp or page2.asp, whichever page I originally was from. But I end up going to the success message of page4.asp<BR><BR>I was thinking if I can remove the entry of pag4.jsp from the history, when I hit the back on page3.asp I will go back to either page1.asp or page2.asp properly.So is there a method or approach to do this?<BR><BR>Of course my approach could be off, and there might be a better way to do this. Just want to hear form the other people who implemented back buttons in their site.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for all the help!