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    I have a site that needs to read and write files to a different machine on my network. The problem is that I get sporadic errors when I access the directory I need to. The errors are always a server create object failed. I&#039;m running IIS 4 with anonymous access enabled using a domain account.<BR><BR>Microsoft says that if I disable password syncronization that it will take care of the problem. It doesn&#039;t! <BR><BR>Is the simple sollution upgrading to IIS 5 or is there a workaround for IIS 4 that I haven&#039;t found?<BR><BR>I have the same site running on my desktop machine with IIS 5 installed using the same account for anonymous access hitting the same network machine and it doesn&#039;t seem to have a problem.<BR><BR>Has anyone come across this situation on an IIS 4 box and been able to come up with a sollution that works?<BR><BR>Any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    Not being able to focus specifically on IIS4 for you, your situation reminds me of a problem I encountered like this and found out it was a problem with the anti-virus software that was installed on that machine.<BR><BR>I would then ask you, does your machine that doesn&#039;t encounter this problem not have anti-virus software installed, and does the server that is having this problem have it installed. You might try disabling the AV just to see if this might be the cause of it.<BR><BR>Jeff

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