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    Default timeout?

    I am a newbie at ASP and would like to know a simple question i think...<BR>my question is <BR><BR>to set timeout for a site.<BR>do i set Session.Timeout = somevalue on each page or in the global.asa<BR>if both are valid.. can anyone tell me the advantages and disadvantates for both<BR><BR>one more question i am trying to run a db script onsession end<BR>in that end function i have a "delete shoppingcart where sessionid =" & Session.Sessionid<BR>but it seems like on each session it is not deleting the stuff out of the database is that b/c there is a new sessionid issued at the time of sessionend?<BR>should i set a seperate variable on start session("id")=Session.SessionId<BR>and on end run "delete shoppingcart where sessionid=" & session("id")<BR>or is there might be some other problem? <BR>

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    Default RE: timeout?

    *<BR>If you do not set anytime 20 min. is the default.<BR>Session.Timeout = 20 &#039;Default<BR><BR>Anytime you change the timeout length it will it is global for all that users sessions. I would only set it once, if you even need to.<BR><BR><BR>On_Session_End() <BR>This is not a reliable way to do things. It does not always fire. I would delete the items from the cart by time. If the items have been it cart for lets say over an hour delete them. Maybe have that script run on_session_start(), which is reliable.<BR><BR>

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