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    can anyone help me about the concept of stored procedure or can anyone direct me to website that actually gives a good tutorial about stored procedures. I dont seem to grasp it that much. I heard that it can drammatically speed up the processing of your codes, but exactly how? <BR><BR>Thanks!:)

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    In the simplest of examples, a stored procedure could contain nothing more than a SQL statement that you used to store in your ASP code.<BR><BR>One of the primary reasons to move your SQL statements from your ASP code to stored procedures is in fact performance improvement issues. Performance is increased primarily because stored procedures are compiled, therefore executing faster.<BR><BR>The more complex your SQL statements become, the more noticable the performance increase. You can then take it to a deeper level, such as moving more data logic from your ASP code into stored procedures. Passing in parameters, either required or optional, into stored procedures leaves the data layer decision making to a pre-compiled stored procedure which significantly improves performance.<BR><BR>There are many helpful references that have been written, just do a search on this site for "Stored Procedures" for some great examples.<BR><BR>Titles Include:<BR><BR>A three part story "Writing a Stored Procedure" by Nathan Pond<BR>"Using Dynamic SQL Statements in Stored Procedures"<BR><BR>

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