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    ok, i have no idea if this even qualifies as an "ASP" question, maybe it&#039;s more of a javascript question or even a VB question for that matter!! i have no idea! Here is what I want to accomplish: I have an html listbox populated with fields (room names) that come from a database. Above that listbox i have a textbox where the user can type letters. AS they are typing, i want the listbox to change and show only those fields containing the letters the uer is typing. I&#039;m pretty sure i need to use the onKeyPress event of the textbox and call some javascript but i don&#039;t know where to go from there. i&#039;ve tried calling an ASP function inside the javascript function to re-populate the listbox but this doesn&#039;t work. am i on the right track? is there any way to do this using ASP and javascript alone or should i be developing an activeX control in VB? Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks! <BR><BR>

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    someone asked this not long ago - theres a script out there that does this... exactly this - do a search on the boards. I cant remember where or when...

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