I am trying to implement the site search system which can be found at: <BR>http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/120499-1.2.shtml <BR>Exactly how it works is a bit beyond me. <BR>I&#039ve got to the stage where it looks like it works but returns no results every time. <BR>Now the main change (I think) that I made to the code was at: <BR>&#039Get the dirs to search <BR>If section = "HUMOR" then <BR>section = Server.MapPath("../humor/") <BR>else <BR>section = Server.MapPath("../webtech/") <BR>end if <BR><BR> <BR>This gives me an error that tells me MapPath doesn&#039t work with "..". <BR>The technical paper mentioned on the page supports this. <BR>So, I took out the ../ and moved the asp file to the root directory and I get ... no results. <BR><BR>Can anyone get interested enough to help me with this?<BR>