&#060;td&#062;&#060;a href = "javascript:__doPostBack &#039;MyDataGrid:_ctl4:_ctl0&#039;,&#039;&#039; )" ...<BR><BR>I am following working examples, but if use LINKbuttons with my own database I keep getting the above without any code to go with it. The examples also create this sort of thing but generate the handlers and hidden textboxes.<BR><BR>Switching to PUSHbuttons is cleaner (does not abort) except my event routines do not seem to be called!. <BR><BR>I noted the fact that re-drawing the datagrid on a postback clears events - thanks for that Scott - but the handler to access the selected item and redraw the datagrid is never called.<BR><BR>ASP.NET is driving me mad - it seems so hit and miss having to learn from examples.<BR>