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    I have set up an SQL database on a database server. Then, on the web server I will be building my pages on & my local PC, I install Microsoft Office Web Components. I then make a system DSN ODBC connection to the SQL Database on both my web server and my local PC. I then use either Frontpage or Visual Interdev to create an .asp page. Insert - Component - Office pivot table into the .asp page. Then right click in the pivot table and select property toolbox and make a data source connection to the ODBC you set up connecting the SQL database. Then click on the icon in the pivot table area on your .asp page that brings up your field list and drag and drop the fields you want in your pivot table to their correct positions. The only downside I have found to this method is that for the user to view the pivot tables dynamicly the user must either; have Microsoft Web Components installed on their PC or set their browser (this assumes you use Internet Explorer) to allow the access of data across domains ( this is an internet security setting in your tools area). How do I get around having my users install or change anything? How do I get the pivot table to see the database without installing MOWC on every local PC in the company?<BR>

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    Default why wouldnt

    a pivot table query in SQL server do what you want to do?

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