Hi<BR><BR>I&#039;m trying to attach a file using AttachFile and embed a graphic using AttachURL in an email that&#039;s being send out around the company. I can do each one independantly, but when they&#039;re both in the same email the body of the email is sent as an attachment (if that makes sense). Can they be used together, or don&#039;t they like it?<BR><BR>Basically it&#039;s for people requesting branding images - a high-res version of a graphic will be attached, whilst a thumbnail will be inline.<BR><BR>Here&#039;s some code that I&#039;m using...<BR><BR>&#039; Attach inline graphics<BR>PictureThumb = "/events/images/photos/pro/" & Roll & "/" & Print & ".jpg"<BR>PictureThumb = Server.MapPath(PictureThumb)<BR>ObjCDOMail.AttachU RL PictureThumb, "PictureThumb.jpg"<BR> <BR>&#039; Attach the requested file<BR>FileLocation = "/events/images/Photos/ProFull/" & Roll & "/" & Print & ".jpg"<BR>FileLocation = Server.MapPath(FileLocation)<BR>objCDOMail.AttachF ile FileLocation, "Roll" & Roll & "Print" & Print & ".jpg"<BR><BR>With...<BR>TextBody = TextBody & "&#060;img src=PictureThumb.jpg width=&#039;200&#039;&#062;"<BR>...in the body of the email.<BR><BR>I can&#039;t put the images on a webserver because not all recipients will have inter/intranet access (people requesting on other people&#039;s behalf - long story), so I ideally need to embed if possible. All help greatly appreciated. Thanks.